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2011 Weddings

Due to the changing market and dismal economy, we are throwing the packages to the shredder. Our new motto is call us with your needs and budget and we will make every effort to make it happen.
There is no limit on the number of photos taken. Unlike other studios, we will not limit the number of photos we show you. Some studios claim to shoot 1000-1500 photos but will only show you 500 that someone else liked. Or they have quite a few more klunkers than I do. Only you will know what shots have special meaning to you. And, a few years down the road you will appreciate the shots of grandma that the other guys deleted. Why take it if you are not going to give it to the client? You will get two CD/DVD sets. One will be a low resolution gallery CD for quickly viewing and finding your images. The other will include the high resolution jpg files of the entire day. You will also get a copyright authorization to use your files for any non- commercial use, including printing wherever you wish. There is no travel charge for separate venues for ceremony and reception, within reason of course. Overtime is $125.00 per hour and this includes the files from that time.
How do we keep our prices lower than some of the bigger studios? Simple. Lower overhead. No fancy brick and mortar storefront with high rent and utilities. No employees with workman's comp and payroll taxes. I either do the work myself or outsource it to other professionals. Not the photo coverage though. You will get me for your wedding day or I will not book you. I do have second shooters available for an hourly fee.

Engagement and/or Bridal Sessions

We will do this photo shoot for $125.00-includes the files on CD.

Add a "Picture This" signature portrait for $150.00 and up. We will even supply one print and the display stand to use at your wedding. These are personalized framed portraits with a large mat that your guests sign instead of or in addition to your guest book. They come complete with a foam padded carrying case so they do not get banged up by tipsy helpers after you have left on your honeymoon. Many couples will replace the engagement photo with a favorite wedding print.

About John

I have done over 250 full day weddings. I have also done hundreds more Las Vegas chapel weddings. From huge churches to a bowling alley. From 300 guests to just the couple and clergy. I have never missed one yet. If you book me, you will get me. Not a last minute stand in because the big studio overbooked. I use Nikon professional equipment and carry back up equipment at all times. We shoot in Nikon's nef (raw) format and convert them to jpg. You are welcome to a DVD of the raw files if you wish. We can also bring studio flash and even a background for an indoor formal session if you wish. (if it is pouring down rain or typical Vegas heat) The type of coverage is up to you. We can be totally hands off and capture your day as it happens. Or, we can work with you to achieve any combination of posed and photo-journalistic styles you want.
There is so much hype about photojournalistic style. True photo journalism would be hiding in the bushes or on the sidelines. No interaction with the wedding players. And no flash. Not very practical. This is a celebration of the joining of two families. It is not an opportunity for me to embellish my portfolio by being a jerk to get a perfect shot. A little friendly coaching and a few suggestions go a long ways. And, an easy going attitude. I realized long ago that there is no such thing as a "perfect wedding". Do not let it ruin your day. You will be married regardless if the flowers, mom, dad or best man were late, cake fell and so on. I have seen some of the "photojournalists" at work, and they have more input that some of the so called traditionalists. I see some of the new photographers calling themselves photojournalists because they have no idea how to pose anyone. The best advise you can get when choosing a photographer is-Meet the actual photographer, face to face. Not the studio owner or salesperson. You are going to be spending the better part of your treasured day with them. If your personalities don't play well together, it will be a long day that you have some bad memories of.
I recommend posing with the families. Some of the senior members will not be around much longer. Honor them by asking to have a photo taken with them. It doesn't take that long if things are organized and the groom remembers his socks. (been there, had a new pair in my kit) But, it is your wedding, so this is your option.

Classic and contemporary albums are available through us at additional cost. Slide shows set to music. Prints up to 24 x 30, canvas, mounted and unmounted are also available. Or, you can do your own since you will have ALL the files. A 25% non-refundable retainer will reserve your day. Balance is due 2 weeks before the wedding. Cash, check or Visa/Mastercard are accepted.