Daycare Info

Our prices are right in line with the national chains. We do not require the daycare to sign any kind of exclusive or long term agreement like some do. We are confident enough in our product and services that we do not have to bind you to any type of agreement. We do not use minimum wage or contract photographers. You will have John taking your children's photographs. I bring a "wrangler" with me now to help get kids ready, wipe noses and try to comb hair. We do try to limit him to "shooting" a maximum of three days a week though. This allows him to personally edit and prepare the digital files for the lab. We use the raw format. They are individually adjusted and cropped for print size. No machine crops that cut off the head. Occasionally when I see a "moment" I will take the shot when I have not framed it correctly and it may not crop to 8x10 without cutting something off. You may opt for an 8x12 in that case at the same price. 4x6s and 5x7s usually are not a problem Poster prints are a different story. If I run into a cropping issue, I will call you. If I do not hear back, I will not hold the entire order up and you will get an 8x12.

All employees get a 50 % discount for themselves or their kids. They must be actively employed at THAT center. I had one a few years back where they were sending part time workers from other branches. It turned out to be about 50% of the kids. I am willing to work with you and your employees, just do not try and take advantage of the priveledge. All employees are also welcome to have their own photos done, with or without their kids. The kids come first. I will gladly take "staff" photos and give you the digital files for your usage. I can do a composite poster for you if you will hang it up. I do these manually and they take some serious time to be proud of.

9/11/16 update. We are trying a new system. If we have an e-mail for each child's parent, we will email a download link for the low resolution files branded with the day care's logo and photo number to each parent. Those e-mail addresses are as sacred to me as credit card digits, so I will not sell them or badger the parents with e-mails. Most daycares know me and trust me. The parents and maybe the daycare will be the only ones that have access to that link. If someone else gets the link, they are the only ones who have it so we know where it came from. The idea is they will post to social media and get the daycare (and me) advertising they cannot buy at any cost. The parents can then come here to the web site to buy packages or full resolution files. I will password protect the event and include the password with instructions in the e-mail. I am trying this and it will be a work in progress. If you do not want your child's photo posted on line, just tell me or your day care. If they do get posted and you want one or all removed, send me an e-mail and I will take them down as soon as possible. I may or may not bring the new style branded proofs for one session for parents to look and order. I will sell those branded proofs at a discounted price. The more they buy, the cheaper the proofs get. This new system will be computer intensive for me. The whole idea is to get more parents exposed to the photos, increase sales and get social media exposure.

We do require a day care employee present at all times. It is great if you have video. That way kids can be shuttled back and forth to classes while I continue shooting. I have never had an issue in over 10 years and sure as heck do not want to have one, EVER. We strive to get a minimum of 4 poses with each child. I will work with "bad hair day" kids as long as you want Parents do not have to purchase "blind" packages in advance. They will be sent an e-mail with a link to only their child's photos

Vintage Daycare Sessions

We have outfits for the girls from age 2 months to women's extra large. Boys from 2 months to men's waist 42. These are the favorites of most parents.

Western/Rodeo Sessions

I bring the hats, boots and props. Ages 2 months to bigger kids. Parents and staff are on their own for boots. I do have a few larger hats. We ask you to have the kids wear jeans and a plaid shirt if they can. I have them if they don't. The more they can come "westernized" the faster it goes. Some centers have a "western heritage" day and that is ideal.

Other Sessions

I have a "holiday" set. I can print "Santa" or Easter Bunny pictures on site. Real photos in seconds, not transfer media cards to the computer and print on a budget consumer printer. I shoot them tethered to the computer with your daycare border and the year and print with a heavy duty dye-sublimination printer. The day care is responsible for Santa or Easter Bunny. Or you can set up any character you want and shoot it green screen. You will need to memo parents to avoid dressing kids in green as it messes with the software. It CAN be worked around, but it takes time. I have Halloween and Spring sets also. Graduation photos are fun for all and I can do a "memory mate" for that if we do a class photo

John Shooter
Shooter Enterprises
2016 Daycare Packages
All Packages are divided evenly between the poses. No mix and Match
5x7 Packages- additional poses are $22.00 each pose + tax

Scholar 1

One Pose
2 - 5x7s
2 - 4x6s
4 - Wallets
27.00 + tax

Scholar 2

Two Poses
2 - 5x7s each poses (4)
2 - 4x6s each poses (4)
4 - Wallets each poses (8)
49.00 + tax

Scholar 3

Three Poses
2 - 5x7s each poses (6)
2 - 4x6s each poses (6)
4 - Wallets each poses (12)
70.00 +tax

8x10 Packages-additional poses are $27.00 each pose +tax


One Pose
1 - 8x10
2 - 5x7s
2 - 4x6s
4 - Wallets
38.00 + tax


Two Pose
1 - 8x10 each pose (2)
2 - 5x7s each pose (4)
2 - 4x6s each pose (4)
4 - Wallets each pose (8)
65.00 + tax


Three Pose
1 - 8x10 each pose (3)
2 - 5x7s each pose (6)
2 - 4x6s each pose (6)
4 - Wallets each pose (12)
92.00 + tax

Digital Files on CD or digital download from web site
These come with a copyright release right on the CD to print and share as you please for personal use. This is the least expensive way for you to get multiple prints. Most mini-labs even have software for you to crop as you wish. You will get the full resolution files. Unbranded. No logos, no copyright or studio name on them. Just like you took them. They will be in color at 300 dpi. You can change to B&W or sepia and print as many as you want. We have done up to 24x30 prints from these files. When printing these files, Turn OFF all auto corrections. The lab's computer will not be consistent. If you print them in color, uncheck the auto correct function.
1-pose is $25.00 each. sales tax added to all on line purchases
2-poses are $22.50 each= $45.00
3 poses are $20.00 each= $60.00
4 poses are $17.50 each= $70.00
5 poses are $16.00 each= $80.00
6 or more poses start @ $15.00 each.