About Us

We are a full service , totally digital photography service. And the greatest thing since sliced bread. Just kidding. And back in Las Vegas. No brick and mortar studio as I have had those in the past and the overhead eats you alive. I cannot and will not compete with low budget studios. If you want a boat load of prints of a photo that you do not like, make your appointment for disappointment. Most are a bait and switch anyway. I have shot the Miss Rodeo America Pageant for most years since 2005. That board of directors has decided to try someone else again this year.. I wish them luck. That is a grueling week long event that allows little time to even eat, let alone sleep or upload photos with unreliable hotel internet. I am still shooting the Miss Rodeo Texas Pageant and will continue to do so as long as they will have me. I specialize in day cares, kids, families, weddings and on site printing at events. On site printing has come a long long ways in the last few years. The hardware and software available today are amazing. I need to thank Scott Wilson with Houston Event Photography for mentoring me. I am trying some new things back here in Las Vegas, as the saying goes you have to re-invent yourself on a regular basis in this town or the competition will leave you behind. Please give me a call or e-mail me for any of your needs. I can usually work with most budgets within reason.

My cell is 702.513.2234.

E-mails are jjshooterlv@yahoo.com or johnjayshooter@gmail.com